AR mobile app that enhances learning… the fun way!

SmartBee Club has created and is developing a free augmented reality (AR) application for mobile devices with Android and iOS. It constitutes an extension of the substantive layer of our science sets for children.

Its operation is based on printed scientific cards that are one of the elements of the contents of our boxes. After launching the application and pointing the device lens to the card, the user enters the world of science on a micro or macro scale. The presented models and animations are an additional translation of the phenomena and scientific laws that a given set discusses.

The most important aspects of our application are:

  • User interaction with the world of science
  • Substantive input supervised by scientists
  • The ability to see what cannot be seen with the naked eye when conducting experiments
  • High quality AR models

In this simple way we show with images what sometimes is difficult to explain with words. We are using modern technologies in a different way from what we are used to every day. We settle between social media, games and messengers, providing a high quality solution for education thus helping the development of young explorers of the world.

In our opinion, the mobile application is a perfect complement to the educational value that correlates well with the needs of young people. The future is marked by advanced technologies that are to serve humanity and that is how we treat them. Combining fun with science, we stimulate interest in learning, shape responsible attitudes and support children who are the creators of tomorrow for us.

If you are interested in the possibilities of our application, please contact us.

Take a minute to find out more about our AR app. Watch this short video and think about the possibilities it gives. Augmented reality gives us a chance to show science at level that is impossible to achieve without complex lab equipment like electron microscope or are to dangerous to witness like explosion of a vulcano. Go ahead – find out by yourself.

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