SmartBee Club

Science kits for KIDS

Sets of scientific experiments enclosed in beautiful boxes are waiting to be discovered during time of learning combined with fun. We guarantee high quality content, starting from the reagents and equipment necessary to conduct experiments through the instructions for performing scientific experiments to additional substantive content and interesting facts.

We do not hide that one of our goals is also to deepen the bond between the child and the adult. Experimenting together is a wonderful opportunity not only to help young explorers learn about the meanders of science but also to positively influence relationships with loved ones. Strengthening relationships, building trust and a sharing smiles are our added value to our scientific community.

Our sets above all:

  • Combine learning with fun
  • Show creative ways to explore complex physical or chemical processes
  • Teach unconventional thinking and stimulate curiosity
  • Strengthens the bond between a child and an adult

We offer educational boxes for children from 3+ and 8+. They are safe to use and fully comply with European Union legal regulations for this type of products. The young scientist’s equipment can be supplemented with SmartBee Club accessories such as aprons, beakers and plates.

We also offer scientific sets for the education segment. Specially prepared boxes contain components needed to work in groups of 10 students. School lessons conducted using sets of experiments dedicated to educational institutions are more effective and engaging for students and help teachers translate knowledge in an accessible way and guarantee the best possible learning outcomes. Did we mention they are great for science fairs? 🙂

Contact us and let us open the world of science for children together.

Our boxes:

shapeshifting packaging view


Shapeshifting – as our clients emphasize, “It combines sets of little chemist and little physicist in a way that is very satisfying for young explorers of the world.”

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