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Subscription boxes scientific learning course

In cooperation with scientists, parents and children we have prepared an educational program based on our unique scientific sets for children. Thanks to it, the child and his guardian can jointly follow the path of scientific experiences delivered straight to their hands each month in a subscription model.

Each set of experiments from the subscription series focuses on a message related to 2-3 physical or chemical phenomena. Our assumption is the implementation of STEM standards (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) thanks to which experimenters can better learn the secrets of science. The SMartBee Club team understands the needs of a changing world so that we can better tailor our products to the needs of young scientists.

Subscription science boxes characteristics:

  • The degree of complexity of the experiments over the subscription cycles
  • The use of equipment that remains after playing with a given set in subsequent to next ones so we minimize the burden on the natural environment
  • Support for educational experiences with a mobile application with AR technology
  • A large portion of knowledge and fun!

We believe that time spent together is the greatest of the values ​​provided to our customers by our products. It is thanks to the child’s relationship with an adult that he or she can fully use the content of our subscription-based educational program based on educational kits. Every day, our clients discover the world of science in an optimal way to meet the needs of young minds. Fun – yes. Science – sure!

If you are interested in cooperation regarding the distribution or promotion of our solutions, we invite you to talk.

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